Born a Bengalurean, I am a technology enthusiast, software engineer, foodie and a liking for travel. I write software for living and currently work as a Technology Architect with financial services unit in Infosys.

With 12+ years of experience working on web and server side technologies for various clients in Insurance, Healthcare, Private Wealth Management and Cards/Payments domain, has enabled me to explore many things and most of my posts will be related to technology, travel and anything interesting.

My interests are short lived, so is my blog writing. I started writing blog with blogger, then moved it to wordpress all of which ended after a couple of posts. Somehow, I cannot keep up the same enthusiasm and promptness in writing posts as compared to the start. With the explosion of Static Site Generators (SSGs), it has attracted me again and like any other developer wanting to have his own site/space. Here I am taking a shot at it again to write about technology, food, travel and everything!