Command Line Interface (CLI), is something that developers have mixed feelings about, many young developers dislike it. The GUI tools from basic editors to full fledged IDE’s, makes using CLI a redundant thing. For a CLI lover like me, I feel that you get more control and flexibility with command line. The *nix commands are an example for this.

As a long time Linux user @ home and a command line junkie, my current setup is as below

  1. Zsh (after switching from bash)
  2. oh my zsh - awesome framework to configure Zsh
  3. Powerline - a statusline plugin
  4. Gogh or Dracula for color schemes for Gnome terminal.

You can customize your commandline/shell using various snippets, tricks and tools. There are a number of community driven forums like shell-fu, command-line-fu,snipt etc. where users share their CLI tricks and snippets. If you want to get fancy and show off, you can use screenfetch or neofetch.

My Terminal

For windows mostly @ office, I use utilities like Cmder, Putty, Cygwin/Babun or Git for Windows with oh my zsh. I mostly prefer cygwin/babun but have loved using tools like Mobaterm also.

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